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As regular visitors will see, the site is currently being given a thorough overhaul but rather than have it disappear completely we wanted to keep a limited presence. Please bear with us and we will try to get things fully operational as soon as possible. Thank you to those who took the time to offer suggestions for improvement.

For new visitors, you will notice that information is currently very limited but please do either ring the helpline (number below) or email us on info.scotland@pmrandgca.org.uk and hopefully we will be able to answer any questions.

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If you suffer from Polymyalgia Rheumatica and/or Giant Cell Arteritis (also known as Temporal Arteritis) or you know someone who does, then this site is here to help you.


After four and a half years of suffering from PMR & GCA and searching unsuccessfully on the web and elsewhere for help, support and information, Jean Miller (our founder) set up Tayside PMR and GCA Support in March 2006. Thanks to funding from the Big Lottery Fund under the Awards for All programme, we were able to set up this website.


For many the first shock is to be told you have one or both of these conditions although it can be a relief to have a definite diagnosis. Despite the fact that PMR is one of the commonest inflammatory diseases affecting older people, most people have never heard of either PMR or GCA, and often hesitate to tell others of the condition. People are affected in various ways according to the severity of the illness and some feel very isolated.

The second shock is when you realise that you don’t get better “next week”. After over 6 years I still hope to be better “next week”! These conditions can be physically and psychologically devastating.


Some of us find it extremely difficult trying to explain to friends and family why we cannot function normally because of pain or unreasonable fatigue. We all look well which understandably makes it very difficult for others to comprehend. It is often difficult to plan ahead. It can be difficult to pace yourself so that you don’t do too much when you are feeling well and then end up in bed for a few days exhausted.

It is difficult facing up to the fact that you can’t do what you’ve been accustomed to doing in the time you used to take: for instance, taking 3 days to do 1 hour’s ironing. It is difficult accepting that you will be on long term medication for a long term medical condition. Coming together as a group helps us to cope with these aspects of our condition.


The purpose of this website is to share and learn from others' experiences and to publicise sources of information and help.

Our Aims

By raising awareness of this much neglected group of sufferers we hope to give research some momentum and to increase the understanding of others and of other disciplines in the medical profession.

About us

We rely totally on volunteers (including six on the Helpline) to look after all aspects of running a charity. We are currently working with others to start new groups across Scotland to give the same face-to-face support as is experienced in Dundee. If, while you are reading this, you feel that you can offer something to help further our aims, please do get in touch.

Contact Us

If you would like more information, please contact us, details listed below, or via the details on the Contacts page.
Email: info.scotland@pmrandgca.org.uk
Tel: 0300 777 5090

Full details of other support groups in the UK can be found on the Other PMR&GCA Charities and Groups page (heading Other Contacts).

We are a member of the Health and Social Care Alliance Scotland