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About PMR- GCA Scotland

Our NEW website is Please use the new address as information on this site may be out of date... 



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If you suffer from Polymyalgia Rheumatica and/or Giant Cell Arteritis (also known as Temporal Arteritis) or you know someone who does, then this site is here to help you.


After four and a half years of suffering from PMR & GCA and searching unsuccessfully on the web and elsewhere for help, support and information, Jean Miller (our founder) set up Tayside PMR and GCA Support in March 2006.

Charitable Status

We were granted Charitable Status by the Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator in February 2007.

Charity Name

At our 2013 AGM we changed our name to Polymyalgia Rheumatica and Giant Cell Arteritis Scotland (PMR-GCA Scotland) to reflect our work across Scotland. Scottish Charity No: SC037780.


The aim of the Charity is to provide support for people who have Polymyalgia Rheumatica and/or Giant Cell Arteritis, their relatives and carers by:

  1. offering a point of contact for people who have Polymyalgia Rheumatica and/or Giant Cell Arteritis and their relatives;
  2. staying in communication with people coping with PMR and/or GCA who are unable to attend the meetings;
  3. helping members to keep abreast of current thinking and management of PMR and GCA;
  4. raising awareness of PMR and GCA;
  5. promoting research;


For many the first shock is to be told you have one or both of these conditions, although it can be a relief to have a definite diagnosis. Despite the fact that PMR is one of the commonest inflammatory diseases affecting older people, most people have never heard of either PMR or GCA, and often hesitate to tell others of the condition. People are affected in various ways according to the severity of the illness and some feel very isolated. The second shock is when you realise that you don’t get better “next week”.


Some of us find it extremely difficult trying to explain to friends and family why we cannot function normally because of pain or unreasonable fatigue. We all look well, which understandably makes it very difficult for others to comprehend. It is often difficult to plan ahead. It can be difficult to pace yourself so that you don’t do too much when you are feeling well and then end up in bed for a few days exhausted. It is difficult facing up to the fact that you can’t do what you've been accustomed to doing in the time you used to take: for instance, taking 3 days to do 1 hour’s ironing. It is difficult accepting that you will be on long term medication for a long term medical condition. Coming together as a group helps us to cope with these aspects of our condition.


Our trustees are:

Chair: Lorna Neill; Treasurer: Harvie Findlay; Secretary: Michael Benneworth. [our constituion allows for a further four trustees so if you feel you can spare some time, we look forward to hearing from you]

Our patrons are:

Professor Bhaskar Dasgupta and Jean Miller (founder) Photo of Jean when she won a campaigning award!