Today is Friday 22nd March 2019.
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Edinburgh meetings



Edinburgh Support Group have decided to meet every other month for a while and have fixed the next few meetings for the 2nd Tuesday of alternate months at 11.00am in the Undercroft Café, under St Andrew's & St George's Church, 13-17 George Street (east end of George St) EDINBURGH EH2 2PA . Please do feel free to just drop in and see what it is all about.

These are the dates for your diary for 2019:

Tuesday 14th May at The Standing Order, 62–66 George Street, Edinburgh,EH2 2LR at 11am.

Other meetings for the year are:

Tuesday 9th July in the Undercroft Cafe

Tuesday 10th September in the Undercroft Cafe

Tuesday 12th November in the Undercroft Cafe

The first group meeting was held at 11.00 on 4th March 2014 in the Undercroft Café under St. Andrew's & St. George's Church towards the East end of George Street. Attendees were pleased to chat about their own experiences while they enjoyed each others' company.

If you are interested in becoming part of this group, either turn up or ring the HELPLINE (0300 777 5090) and your contact details will be passed to the organiser.