Today is Friday 20th September 2019.
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If you live outside of the UK

Our NEW website is Please use the new address as information on this site may be out of date... 


Hello! If you have arrived at this website in search of information about Polymyalgia Rheumatica (PMR) or Giant (Temporal) Cell Arteritis (GCA) I am sure you will find plenty of use.

The newly released guidelines for PMR and soon to be released ones for GCA have been put together by a  group of experts in their field (INCLUDING PATIENTS) and should be in place across Europe and North America and hopefully beyond.

However, there will almost certainly be differences in individual health services. There are some differences between England and Scotland, which we do mention, but we have no knowledge of medical care elsewhere.

We hope to provide links to forums we have been made aware of in your part of the world, so if you already know of any, please let us know via the Contact us: General Enquiry form or email

Please note:  We have no control over these forums so, as with any other form of social media, please check out any advice given. Groups are generally restricted to members so you will probably need to join but the more people that get together the better chance you will find the support you need.


For Canada: CLICK HERE