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May 2011


We are happy to announce that in May 2010 we were given a grant of £8,371 from Awards for All Scotland. The grant was for furnishing and equipping our new office at Unit 11, Prospect III, Gemini Crescent, Technology Park, Dundee, DD2 1SW, for printing posters, brochures and material for information packs and to pay for trainings.
The office was up and running by July and we were able to obtain more volunteers willing to help with administration. (Insert photo) These extremely helpful volunteers were, over the next few months Chinese, Philipino, Italian, Indian, local and disabled, reflecting our policy of Equality and Diversity. This has enabled us to reach and support even more people with PMR and GCA.
The administration volunteers have the opportunity to contribute to the welfare of the elderly, who are dealing with long term illnesses by helping with administration and the website, in an organisation which helps people to take responsibility for their health. They also have the opportunity to increase their office administration skills in preparation for entering the workplace as most of them have been/are job-seeking graduates.
The Chair was able to attend trainings with The Helplines Association funded by Awards for All. The outcome of this was that we were able to provide a more effective service to our telephone and email contacts.
Patient UK has put our details on their list for Health Professionals and we get many referrals from General Practitioners. The printing of material for information packs has been a great help. People with PMR and GCA are extremely grateful to receive information so that they can manage their condition more effectively.

This funding also enabled us to print promotional material consisting of brochures and posters which have done much towards raising awareness of PMR and GCA among the general public and also with Health Professionals.
Having the office and more administration volunteers has enabled the Chair to focus on trainings, seminars and conferences. From these the Chair has learned how to further the interests of the organisation, where to look for funding, how to manage volunteers, what help is available for people with these conditions, what help is available when self-management is no longer an option and what research is going on and so be able to manage the charity better.

The Chair has also taken advantage of the many networking opportunities to raise awareness of these little known conditions of which very few have heard.
PMR-GCA Scotland is extremely grateful to Awards for All for their support of the service provided, as are those who request support and information. This kind of support from Awards for All encourages us to move forward in our attempt to improve our service and the standards of care for people with PMR and GCA.