Today is Thursday 17th August 2017.



Headaches may mean your sight is at risk. See the entry for Giant Cell Arteritis on the page 'What is PMR and what is GCA?' for more information and the warning symptoms.

Trial of Tocilizumab in Giant-Cell Arteritis.

Report issued 27th July 2017 for details see Research and clinical guidelines.


We are in the process of testing the response to a possible Highland Support Group.  David Carrott has kindly volunteered to co-ordinate the activities of this new group so that others may have the opportunity to interact with fellow sufferers.

Other Support Groups tend to operate in more densely populated areas. In the Highland Region, there is the obvious challenges of travelling distances. So, he would appreciate any ideas you have as to how we can make a success of a Highland Group.Please contact David on email at: or ring the HelpLine on 0300 777 5090. Please supply your name, postal address, email address and telephone number.

Dr Sarah Mackie Associate Clinical Professor and Honorary Consultant Rheumatologist at Leeds hospitals spoke about PMR and GCA at our AGM on Friday 24th March 2017. She is a rheumatologist in a five-year NIHR Clinician scientist Fellowship, which centres around ways of improving the diagnosis of polymyalgia rheumatica (PMR). The talk was excellent and we are looking for a speaker for next years AGM. More information will follow.


From 01 October 2016, Lorna Neill has succeeded Bea as Chair and Michael Benneworth has taken over as secretary.

The Trustees are grateful to Bea for all the work she has put in on behalf of the charity. She stepped down as Chair after organising the successful Glasgow meeting for medical professionals on Friday 30th September 2016. Professor Dasgupta rolled out the new GCA guidelines, supported by Madeline Whitlock, Clinical Nurse Specialist and with the immense help of the Scottish Society of Rheumatology. It was very well received and has raised the profile of the charity in the Glasgow area.


Issue 21 (Spring 2017) was posted to those who receive a hard copy on 24th April 2017. If you want to download a copy then click HERE. The Scotland contribution can be found on page 9.

Issue 22 is at the printers and will be released in early August. 


There is a new story on the Patient Experience page. For previous entries please see Our PMR-GCA Stories. Please do let us have your story, which allows everyone to see just how you have found things - for everyone who has either (or both) conditions, the progress will be different but maybe someone else can get inspiration from you?


We aren't aware of anything at the moment but if you know of something that would be of interest to our members or readers of this website, please email us at  


Do you have family or friends who are prepared to share their talents and raise funds for the charity so that we can both continue and expand our work? Maybe they are part of a community choir or orchestra or band? Perhaps they would like to skydive or undertake a challenging walk and wanted a cause?

Please do ask around and see if anyone is prepared to help. We can provide some publicity material and sponsorship forms if needed.

Either call the helpline (0300 777 5090) with your contact details and we will call you back  Or email

We are including information in the Self Management section that we believe may be of help and interest. 


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